Wild World Tour

Hello Friends!

Time to share some exciting news. I’m just about to start my “Wild World Tour”.

Straight from my ‘Poznan nest’, I fly to Sweden! After that, I will widely spread my wings in Thailand. Fancy taking some Gaga, or dancing my repertoire and doing GoPiYoga in Bangkok? Be my guest!

Then, the other end of the world is yet to be discovered: NEW ZEALAND – how thrilled I am to visit this fascinating country. Straight from this fairy tale place, I’m off to grande and breathtaking Vienna.

Then, it’s time to go to the source: Tel Aviv is already haunting me in my dreams.

How boring would life be without rain? Rainy, yet absolutely stunning Scotland and Scottish Dance Theatre will be revisited in March and April.

Then I will land softly in Warsaw to start a new project in the National Opera House Teatr Wielki – Opera Narodowa 

See you along the way.

Photo: Maciej Zakrzewski FotoTeatr