Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty depicts a poetic process of redefining freedom. Miss Liberty transforms from larvae in a cocoon into a butterfly – this mystic journey from unconsciousness, state of hibernation, leads to liberty, creativity, divinity. Miss Liberty is a transmitter of whispers and hopes for freedom. 

Freedom is the beauty of rebellion, comprehension, danger, responsibility, the source of human dignity, the existence of goodness, the opposite of ignorance.  

During the performance you will hear freedom voices from all over the world, who will express excerpts from the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”. Despite the time lapsed, the declaration (created in 1948) protecting basic human rights and fundamental freedoms couldn’t be more valid.  

All human beings are born free. Sometimes one gives up its freedom voluntarily by locking oneself in a cage. What is your cage made of?


Concept, choreography, performance: Gosia Mielech  

Music: Anna Suda / Dj An on Bast 

Music coordination: Ray Wilson  

Voices: Ray Wilson, Gosia Mielech, Lee Brummer, Nicole Knöll, Luca Biondi, Jasmine Fan, Margarida Macieira, Omri Klein, Ashdin Doctor, Delphine Nofit.  

Scenography: Piotr Tetlak  

Crown: Karolina Pytlakowska Decolove  

Costume: Marzanna Gruszczyńska  

Light designer: Paweł Murlik  

Production: Jaggy Polski, DanceLab  

Manager: Anna Wróblowska  

Premier: 26.06.2021, Cracow Choreographic Centre, Poland.


The performance was partially created during the artistic residency at Cracow Choreographic Centre – Nowahuta Culture Centre in 2021. The project was realised thanks to a grant from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.