‘Mathematics as an expression of the human mind reflects the active will, the contemplative reason, and the desire for the aesthetic perfection.’
Richard Courant

In a society obsessed with perfection, we should ask whether perfection is something achievable or something that we are unable to attain? Is this fascination one that helps us to develop, or one that is purely blocking us from growing? Since the golden ratio is perceived as an equation of beauty and perfection, we try to unpick its alluring and enticing secrets.

Choreographers/Performers: Gosia Mielech & Oliver Mahar
Music: Ray Wilson, Alva Noto
Lights: Paweł Murlik, Michał Wawrzyniak
Duration: 15’

I’mperfect won the award for Most Abstract Idea at Licht.Blicke Festival in Nurnberg, 24 of October 2015.

“It’s particularly important to mention their flawless partnering and smooth balance and exchange of energy. The performance turned into an exceptionally emotional duet.”
Review from “This is Not a Festival” in Bytom, by Ramona Smieszek from Reflektor – a national culture magazine.

“Society’s obsession with perfection is the stimulus of I’mperfect, and as formulaic walking patterns are established, the performers present their bodies for inspection, submitting to the audience’s analytical gaze.”
A review of I’mperfect at Resolution Festival, by Emily May.

“Another tightly choreographed duet by Oliver Mahar and Gosia Mielech sees a couple deconstruct bodily perfection and its concerns with beauty, balance and harmony.”
A review of I’mperfect at Resolution Festival, by Josephine Leask.