Dangerously Low On Chocolate

“Dangerously low on chocolate” – on the face of it is simply a fun phrase, but in reality it has a much deeper underlying meaning. It highlights that humanity has become dangerously low on joy, as our focus has shifted more towards what we don’t have rather than what we do. The reason we are not experiencing joy at any given time is because we’re focused on what is missing. The piece articulates a sense of urgency. The desire to bring to us what we need, rather than what we think we want, and to get everything we can from everything we do.

Choreography: Gosia Mielech

Dancers: Nicole Anderson, Íris Ásmundardóttir, Hannah Bergin, Kennady Brim, Courtney Cruse, Robyn Gamston, Ophelia Guerin, Faith Hiles, Satya-Sara Khachik, Martina Mancini, Natalia Meksa, Charley Mitchell, Donna Smith, Eleanor Stephenson and Monique Williams.

Lighting Design: Josh Tomalin Costume: Rebecca Coleman Film: Josh Hawkins

Artistic Director: Joss Arnott Programme Leader: Debbie Milner Producer: Phil Hargreaves

Premiere: 29.04.2022 Manchester, United Kingdom